Each workout in this 4-day a week guide has 3 circuits. You have to complete each circuit 3 times before moving on to the next circuit. Rest 60 seconds in between exercises.

Day 1- Chest & Back

  • Begin with Dive Bomber Push-Ups, aiming for as many reps as possible to target the chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  • Follow with Alternating Rows using kettlebells for 10 reps on each side, focusing on the upper back muscles.
  • Perform Dips for 8-10 reps to further engage the triceps and chest.
  • Move on to Kettlebell Pull-Overs for 10 reps, working the upper chest and back.
  • Execute Cross Over Push-Ups for 5 reps per side, challenging the chest with a cross-body motion.
  • Complete the day with Inverted Rows for 10 reps to strengthen the mid-back and biceps.

Day 2- Legs & Core

  • Start with Single Leg Deadlifts for 10 reps on each side to work the hamstrings and glutes while improving balance.
  • Proceed to Jump Squats for 10 reps, combining lower body power and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Perform Side Lunges for 5 reps on each side, targeting the inner and outer thighs.
  • Do Single Leg Squats for 8 reps per side, focusing on quad strength and stability.
  • Incorporate Static Beast Front Raises for 10 reps per side to challenge the core and shoulders.
  • Finish with Side Plank with Rotations for 10 reps per side, enhancing core stability and oblique strength.

Day 3- Shoulders & Arms

  1. Begin with Push Press for 10 reps to work on explosive upper body strength.
  2. Continue with Diamond Push-Ups for 10 reps, isolating the triceps.
  3. Execute Shoulder Presses on an elevated surface for 8-10 reps, targeting the deltoids.
  4. Engage the triceps with Kettlebell Tricep Extensions for 12 reps.
  5. Perform Around the World for 10 reps per side, working on shoulder mobility and core stability.
  6. Complete the day with Kettlebell Bicep Curls for 12 reps to strengthen the biceps.

Day 4- Full Body

  1. Start with Turkish Get-Ups for 3 reps per side, combining core strength, stability, and coordination.
  2. Move on to traditional Push-Ups for 15 reps, focusing on chest and core stability.
  3. Execute Kettlebell Swings for 20 reps, targeting the posterior chain while boosting cardiovascular endurance.
  4. Perform Thrusters for 10 reps, combining a squat with an overhead press for a full-body workout.
  5. Finish with Double Cleans for 10 reps, developing explosive power and coordination.

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