The Spartacus Workouts

The Spartacus workout was a HIIT workout popularized by Men’s Health Magazine after the famous gladiator show Spartacus. The show portrayed warriors with not only amazing chiseled bodies, they also moved well. 

The original Spartacus workout consists of 10 exercises performed in a circuit format, with each exercise being performed for 60 seconds followed by a 15-second rest period. 

In this post I’m going to show you a very similar version.

Spartacus Inspired Workouts

My version of the Spartacus workout is very similar to the original one except for one key difference, you will have to complete just 6 exercises, not 10. 

While there’s nothing wrong with doing 10 exercises in one single workout, it will prove difficult in a busy gym setting because you would need all 10 stations or exercise equipment to be available. 

Please keep in mind that form is crucial. So you want to select weight(s) that will allow you to do 60 seconds per exercise. Don’t go too heavy, trust me.

Spartacus Workout A


Spartacus Workout B


Spartacus Workout C


How Often Do To The Spartacus Workout

Here’s a way to structure these workouts for a month. Giving yourself one full day to recover between these full body workouts would be a good idea.

But I’ve also included some other options for the days in between, if you wish.


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